Project Daastan

Child of Empire offers a captivating animated virtual reality (VR) docu-drama that transports viewers into the tumultuous 1947 Partition of India and Pakistan, marking one of the most significant forced migrations in human history. This immersive film presents a profoundly personal perspective of this monumental historical event, delving into the lives of two individuals from the Partition generation. Ishar Das Arora, a Hindu Indian who migrated from Pakistan to India, and Iqbal-ud-din Ahmed, a Muslim Pakistani who undertook the opposite journey, recount their childhood memories while engaging in a board game. Through their poignant recollections, audiences are transported to critical moments of the migration, assuming the perspective of a seven-year-old child. This immersive VR experience is accessible to viewers in both Amritsar and Delhi, inviting them to delve into the vivid world of Partition’s upheaval.

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Image Courtesy: TAACHT Archives