The Lost Homeland of Sindh

The Sindhi Culture Foundation, in collaboration with the Partition Museum at Dara Shukoh Library, Kashmere Gate, Delhi, is launching a gallery to promote and preserve Sindhi heritage, titled the ‘Lost Homeland of Sindh.’ Through this gallery, the foundation seeks to archive the tragedy of the Sindhis who lost their ancestral homes and their entire homeland of Sindh. Despite Sindh being mentioned in the Indian national anthem, ‘Gujarat, Sindh, Maratha…’ and recognised as one of the languages in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution, it has largely been left out of the popular memory of most Indians. The physical distance from Sindh has slowly translated into a cultural disconnect among the youth, despite many efforts to preserve it by the older generations. At this time, the Sindhi Culture Foundation, through its humble efforts, seeks to mitigate this gap and create a space where Sindhis can experience Sindh- its history, culture and language.  This is a memorial for Sindhis who have been dispersed all over the world and carry Sindh in their hearts.

Coming Soon! Stay tuned for more updates.