Dara Shukoh Auditorium 

The Dara Shukoh Auditorium stands as more than just a mere venue where one can delve into the rich history and enduring legacy of Dara Shukoh; it serves as a dynamic and captivating space that hosts a myriad of literary and artistic events. With its deep-rooted connection to the historical figure of Dara Shukoh, the auditorium will offer a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in his fascinating life and contributions. Through carefully curated exhibitions, immersive digital experiences, and interactive displays, visitors will gain profound insights into the intellectual pursuits, spiritual exploration, and cultural syncretism that define Dara Shukoh’s character.

However, the auditorium’s allure extends far beyond its historical significance. It pulsates with the energy of artistic expression, providing a stage for poets, writers, musicians, performers and artists to captivate audiences with their talents. From spellbinding poetry recitals to enthralling book readings, from soul-stirring musical performances to thought-provoking art exhibitions, the auditorium embraces a broad spectrum of creative endeavours.

If you would like to share your artistic expression or organize an event that complements the spirit of the Dara Shukoh Auditorium, we warmly welcome you to reach out to us.  Please note that this enduring space can accommodate up to 150 persons. By emailing [email protected], you can secure a reservation and ensure that your event becomes part of the vibrant tapestry of cultural experiences that our esteemed venue has to offer.

Image Courtesy: TAACHT Archive

Dara Shukoh Auditorium
Image Courtesy: TAACHT Archives