To become a part of this legacy project, please support the museum fund in whatever way you can. Your support is highly appreciated.
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As an individual or institution please let us know what area you would like to collaborate with us on.

As an individual you can contribute to a range of activities and undertake any of the roles defined below:

1. Social Media, Outreach: From posting on facebook and instagram, to updating our website, if you are into history and making people more aware of it, then this is likely the post for you. This will generally include posting about events related to the museum, to the Partition, history, anthropology, photography and art from the time, etc.

2. Archiving and collation: Includes keeping track of physical items and data we receive to go into the museum. Objects that people might donate, documents we might buy or borrow from various archives, and all the necessary paperwork with that.

3. Oral Histories: Oral Histories will make up an enormous part of the museum, recollections of people that have lived through the event. This will include interviewing and recording histories and memories of those people.

4. Campaigns & Events for publicity and fund raising: Pop up exhibitions, events, mini museums, performances, digital campaigns to create impact, buzz and raise funds. If you’re a performer, filmmaker, curator, advertising person, events organiser etc you’d be of help.

5. Curation & Conceptualisation: If you’re a curator, artist, museologist, filmmaker, psychologist, you could be helping the lead curators envision this Once in a Lifetime project.

If any of the above interests you, please write to us soon with the role you would like to volunteer for along with a brief of your background and profiles.

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